IBM Storwize V7000, Spectrum Virtualize, HyperSwap, and VMware implementation

IBM® Spectrum Virtualize Software Version 7.6 provides software-defined storage capabilities across various platforms, including IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Storwize® V7000, Storwize V7000 (Unified), Storwize V5000, Storwize V3700, and Storwize V3500.
HyperSwap is the high availability solution for  IBM storage technologies like IBM Spectrum Virtualize™, IBM Storwize V7000, IBM Storwize V5000 and IBM FlashSystem™ V9000, that provides continuous data availability in case of hardware failure, power failure, connectivity failure, or disasters.

5 most important topics you need to know about IBM® Spectrum Virtualize Software and its HyperSwap configuration are:

  1. This solution rely on combination of storage system and application or operating system capabilities and usually they delegate to the host the management of the storage loss events
  2. A new Metro Mirror capability, the active-active Metro Mirror, is used to maintain two fully-independent copy of the data each site.
  3. The HyperSwap function will automatically optimize itself to minimize data transmitted between sites and to minimize host read and write latency
  4. The HyperSwap function will leverage the remote copy function Consistency Groups in order to supply a data consistency in case of critical event
  5. The HyperSwap configuration has been easier with the Spectrum Virtualize Software Version 7.6, thanks to the integration of all configuration steps in the already easy and efficient Graphical User Interface.

Screenshot from 2015-11-09 12:10:07







For further and detailed information about HyperSwap in a VMware environment you can read the specific Redbooks® available at:
IBM Storwize V7000, Spectrum Virtualize, HyperSwap, and VMware implementation


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