SVC and V7000 V7.5.x now support grep and more!

SVC and V7000 V7.5.x command line interface bash now support “grep” and more. This is a big step for people who want script, and makes my friend GDQ happy. Thanks!

The following additional cli programs will be made available to admin interactive logins for consistency with storwize v7000 unified:

grep – filter output by keywords or expressions
more – move through output one page at a time
sed – filter output by complex expressions
sort – sort output
cut – extract individual columns from output
head – show only first n lines
less – move through the output bidirectionally a page at a time (secure mode)
tail – show only the last n lines
uniq – hide duplicates
tr – translate characters
wc – count lines and words

Deliberately missing from the list are awk and perl for safety.


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