Watch “IBM i and IBM Storwize Family: A Practical Guide to Usage Scenarios” on YouTube

Really educative.


IBM Techdocs Technote: Alternative flash architectural implementation options for AIX with detailed instructions on implementing LVM mirroring with preferred read from flash.

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Storwize Drive Comparison Chart for V3700, V5000 and V7000 | The Maximum Midrange Blog

Storwize Drive Comparison Chart for V3700, V5000 and V7000 | The Maximum Midrange Blog.

Storwize HDD & SSD
Comparison Chart
Feature PN Feature PN Feature PN Feature PN
146GB 15k 2.5 HDD ACLA* 00Y2497 AC50 00Y5794 3251 85Y6088 AD31 90Y7662
200GB 2.5 SSD ACMA 00Y2518 AC80 00Y5812 3512 85Y6188 AD41 90Y7672
300GB 10k 2.5 HDD ACLJ 00Y2501 x x 3203 85Y5862 AD21 90Y7647
300GB 15k 2.5 HDD ACLB 00Y2499 AC51 00Y5797 3253 85Y6185 AD32 90Y7667
400GB 2.5 SSD ACMB 00Y2520 AC81 00Y5815 3514 85Y6189 AD43 90Y7676
500GB 7.2k 2.5 HDD ACLS 00Y2509 x x x x AD11 90Y7703
600GB 10k 2.5 HDD ACLK 00Y2503 AC60 00Y5800 3206 85Y5864 AD23 90Y7652
800GB 2.5 SSD ACMC 00AR259 AC82 AC82 3516 00AR252 AD47 00Y4647
900GB 10k 2.5 HDD ACLL 00Y2505 AC61 00Y5803 3509 00L4568 AD24 90Y7657
1TB 7.2k 2.5 HDD ACLT 00Y2511 AC70 00Y5809 3271 85Y6186 AD12 90Y7642
1.2TB 10k 2.5 HDD ACLM 00Y2507 AC62 00Y5765 3542 85Y6156 AD25 44X3225
2TB 7.2k 3.5 HDD ACKA 00Y2471 AC30 00Y5776 3302 85Y5869 x x
3TB 7.2k 3.5 HDD ACKB 00Y2473 AC31 00Y5779 3303 85Y6187 x x
4TB 7.2k 3.5 HDD ACKC 00Y2475 AC32 00Y5782 3304 00AR144 x x


Scale Out or Scale Up? 6 Key Considerations for the Flash Array Buyer | Storage Swiss – Storage Switzerland

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