Don’t be a storage exhibitionist! (Storageneers)

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Don’t be a storage exhibitionist! (Storageneers).


IBM SVC and V7000 7.2 is ready

Last week I had the privilege of spending two days with the SVC and V7000 architects at the IBM Hursley Laboratory.
During these two days I was able to touch and try out some of the new features of SVC, especially the Enhanced Stretched Cluster, discuss the future benefits of the new remote replica algorithm “Global Mirror”, and understand the new cache architecture.
The benefits of these features are really exciting raising even higher the bar of SVC in the Enterprise world in terms of Availability and performance.
Soon I’ll have chance of making more direct experience in the field and will be able to say much more.
In addition the roadmap of both products for 2014 is already rich and next year we will see many other exciting things.

Building a Scale-out Data Center solution?IBM Flex System with Brocade VCS Ethernet Fabric technology can help you build a more efficient Data Center and reduce your TCO by over 50%.

Several important industry trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, hyper growth of unstructured data and business analytics are affecting existing data center enviornments.

As a result of this phenomenal growth in data, corporations are experiencing new requirements for their underlying Data Center infrastructure, primarily enhancements to their network and storage architectures. They need to…

  • Enable an elastic, scale-out model
  • Optimize East West network traffic
  • Provide simple, predictable, efficient and available compute and storage access.

So how do IT organizations keep up with the constant demand of the business and improve quality of service, while battling tighter operating budgets?

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