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In addition to traditional enterprise-class storage technology, many organizations now have a variety of storage needs with varying performance and price requirements. OpenStack has support for both Object Storage and Block Storage, with many deployment options for each depending on the use case.

Object Storage is ideal for cost effective, scale-out storage. It provides a fully distributed, API-accessible storage platform that can be integrated directly into applications or used for backup, archiving and data retention. Block Storage allows block devices to be exposed and connected to compute instances for expanded storage, better performance and integration with enterprise storage platforms, such as NetApp, Nexenta, SolidFire and IBM XIV, V7000, SVC.

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The IBM® Storage driver for OpenStack enables OpenStack clouds to access the IBM XIV®Storage System Gen3. The driver integrates with the OpenStack environment and enablesOpenStack applications to take advantage of the XIV enterprise-class storage.
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Disk I/O density adventure

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Almost every day, when I am called to configure a new storage subsystem I have to deal with Storage Sales in order to explain why can not sell Big Disk Drive for every purpose.

Let me do un example where we can configure a Storage Subsystem choosing between 300GB or 600GB or 900GB SAS 10K or 15K RPM, and 1TB NL-SAS or 2TB NL-SAS both at 7.2K RPM.

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