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IBM System Storage TS1060 (machine type 3588, model F6A) is designed to be installed in an IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library (machine type 3584) to offer high capacity and performance for the midrange open systems environment. This model incorporates the new Linear Tape-Open™ ( LTO ) IBM Ultrium 6 Tape Drive with enhanced maximum tape drive throughput over the IBM LTO generation 5 Tape Drive ( Ultrium 5). It has a native data transfer of up to 160 MB/sec. The TS1060 Tape Drive supports the LTO Generation 6 media specification of an over double compressed capacity of up to 6.25 TB with 2.5 to 1 compression (up to 2.5 TB native capacity) compared to previous LTO 5 compressed capacity of up to 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression (up to 1.5 TB native capacity) per tape cartridge. IBM Ultrium 6 Tape Drives can read and write LTO Ultrium 5 Data…

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