Why does my enterprise storage need batteries?

Thanks Antony for this great post, I am happy to reblog.

Aussie Storage Blog

There are two fundamental characteristics that every user expects from their Enterprise Storage:

  1. It should be highly available.
  2. It should never lose your data.

Neither of these things have anything to do with performance, or with snapshot features, or with price.   In fact competitive comparisons usually presume that every vendor has got those two aspects  right.   They are presumed to be present in every product (and they need to be!).

You could argue that they are two ways to talk about the same thing, but I would argue that availability and data integrity need to be thought of separately.  Let me explain:

One aspect of protecting data integrity versus high availability that is often misunderstood, is the difference between what looks like an internal UPS and what is in reality a cache battery.   The IBM SVC and the IBM XIV are great examples of this.   Both include…

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