Is the SAN future in the ODIN ?

Servers in data centers are typically connected to three different network areas: Storage, TCP/IP and Cluster networking. Because these areas have different requirements, different switching fabrics are sometimes used: Fibre Channel, Ethernet and InfiniBand. An important aspect of Ethernet’s value proposition is the possibility of using it in all network areas to provide servers with a single connection. Consolidating to an Ethernet fabric greatly reduces the amount of equipment required in the data center and drastically lowers both power consumption and the overall cost of administration.

What is ODIN ?

Known as the Open Data Center Interoperable Network or ODIN is a cost-effective evolution of data center networks based on open industry standards. This can be a challenging and often confusing proposition, since there are so many different emerging network architectures, both standard and proprietary. The ODIN materials currently address issues such as virtualization and Virtual Machine (VM) migration across flat Layer 2 networks, lossless Ethernet, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and OpenFlow, and extended distance WAN connectivity (including low latency).

IBM SVC split cluster configuration is perfectly integrating with the new ODIN data centre trends.

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