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IBM talks about alphas instead of betas in storage

When IBM Corp. announced its second quarter earnings in June, the news of two straight growth quarters in the company’s storage business got some attention. With flash as a catalyst and storage hardware margins on the rise, it made sense that the company would seek to capitalize on that momentum with announcements as part of its participation in this week’s VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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IBM talks about alphas instead of betas in storage



IBM Storage and the NVM Express Revolution – redp5437.pdf


The industry recognizes the need for standardized and efficient protocols and

interfaces that are optimized for low-latency, performance-dense storage

media (such as flash) and non-volatile memory technologies.

This paper provides the following highlights:

  • The NVM Express (NVMe) technology enables storage accesses with low latency, high efficiency, and high scalability.
  • The NVMe technology can make server-based SDS higher performing and more efficient.
  • IBM Storage has a roadmap that incorporates these technologies in both SDS systems and in integrated appliances that combine software and hardware.

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IBM Storage and the NVM Express Revolution – redp5437.pdf